Shanghai – Hot! – 19 July, 2010

Overheard in Appartment 8A1102, Pudong Village, Shanghai, Expoland.

“It’s so hot!”

“you’re hot!”

“Your face is”

“your Mum is!”

“Barney is!”

Barney is quite hot, because of his fur!

This Bunny is hot and so is his Lassie

Barney is so hot, all the Lassies can't resist his fuzzy charms!

…now off to the tallest building in Shanghai, the bottle opener!

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Nepal – Buddist Child Home – 14 July, 2010

…moving backwards in time…

What an awesome way to spend our last afternoon in Kathmandu!

My new friends in Kathmandu at the BCH

Some of the older girls speak English. They study really hard at school, because they know how important it is for their future

The kids in the Buddhist Child Home in Jorpati-2 and their Mum Durga and their helpers were really welcoming when Shaye and I arrived. Shaye had visited with a friend she met at the Yoga centre, before I arrived in Kathmandu and the kids were really excited to welcome her back.

My lovely friends from the BCH in Kathmandu

My new friends in Kathmandu

We played with the kids, juggled, and all made balloons for each other.

Some of the kids speak a little English and some of us just communicated with tickles and giggles and hugs.

Durga is Mum to 50 children! She just can’t say no. She is a Buddhist and when an orphaned baby is brought to her, they are welcomed into the Buddhist Child Home with open and loving arms.

This photo is of Durga and Shaye

Shaye with Durga who runs the Buddhist Child Home in Kathmand Nepal

The boys all get along really well and are very playful and fun. Their favourite thing to do is to play football and we bonded over World Cup. I don’t like to brag, but in the Nepal v Australia match. Astralia scored convincingly, possibly because Nepal was very polite and can aim their kicks better!

This beautiful young man lives in the Buddhist Child Home in Kathmand Nepal and is very playful and caring towards his brothers and sisters.

My footy playing friend from Kathmandu and his ball playing monkey!

Hope your day is as wonderful as mine today.



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Shanghai Day one!

This morning I arrived in Shanghai at Lee and Shaye’s appartment in the Expo village. It’s like a little slice of Australia here!

Shaye and I came off the overnight train from Xi’an this morning. The lesson I learned today was that everything in China is cute, exept the toilets on the trains.

Love from Monkey in China

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Hello World!

This is a test Blog of my new blog page.

I’m now a blogger!

Hooray for monkey!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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